I started having life coaching sessions with Renee a while ago and I'm extremely appreciative for her services. Throughout the sessions, she's given me some great advice and make me look at a lot of my previous life choices differently. She goes in depth when conversing and she makes you comfortable enough to share things with her and not be judged. I learned that I've been dealing with childhood trauma because of the death of my mom when I was 12. I always knew my mom death took a toll on me but Renee's coaching helped me see things differently and showed me that the trauma could be in different forms. I've been able to manage those traumas and figure out some other ones I may be dealing with as well. Due to my own way of thinking, I won't allow myself to get passed a few of them but she is always strongly suggesting I do so, Honestly, she's the best. T always end up bringing our conversations home lol. They've become so good that I have to share em with either my significant other or a family member. I'm definitely going to continue to use her services.
Dee T.
I'm always learning something new or a more efficient way to do something or handle a situation. I have gotten more insight on things in life by juz watchin you than ppl would try to tell or inform me about it. So Thank you.
Bam J.
I just want to say Thank you, Thank you, thank you to Farmhouse Organics...Farmhouse Organics is the key instrument with me gaining my over all wellness. From skin Care, internal care, and wellness coaching they have help transition me into the most healthiest and mentally. The products are all mentally. The products are all natural. Each ingredients is listed on its label, that's something that i've had issues with in other products. The product line has a huge variety that target many different needs. T absolutely love Farmhouse Organics and will be a customer for life <3.
Shauna H.
Upon speaking to Rene I was a bit skeptical about the salary that my then future employer was trying to offer me. After discussing a few key points Rene taught me how to properly negotiate a salary that equipped well with my experience and skills. She went over in depth of the things that I should always take into consideration and/or w2 employee. I was originally first being brought onboard to do one specific job. after sitting down with my future employer I noticed that he was insisting that I wear many different hats and was not trying to offer me that pay to go along with it. After speaking to Rene and utilizing a couple of key points that she stated I was able to negotiate my starting pay from $3000/month to $5000/month base plus incentives.
Kesha L.