Plant Based Eating: A Beginners Guide To Optimal Health, Sustainable Weight Loss and Increased Energy


Allow us to introduce to you to our Plant Based Eating eBook. This is a beginners guide to optimal health, sustainable weight loss and increased energy, it includes some recipes to get started and most importantly, tips for success!

Are you tired of diets that doesn’t work? 

Do you want to improve your health? 

Do you feel like you don’t know what is good or bad food for you? 

Do you want to learn more about plant-based eating?


Want To Reach Optimal Health, Lose Weight And Increase Your Energy?”

With the launch of documentaries, books, and the emergence of athletes changing their nutrition to be plant-based, one has to wonder what this is all about. Plant-based eating can be for everyone and it doesn’t have to be a complex commitment. Eating Healthy Is Easier Than You Think, so kick-start your plant-based eating journey today! This book will deep dive into fruits, vegetables, fiber, fat, sugar and sodium! Along with basic meal planning, grocery shopping and so much more…including simple plantbased recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and how to eat while out and about! 

Many reasons exist for choosing a plant-based nutrition, we will discuss in more details in the eBook but here’s our top 5 reasons: 

• Improve your health & gut
• Succeed in weight loss and weight management
• Prevent or manage a chronic disease
• Stop spending on supplements
• Save our planet

If any of these reasons appeal to you, then you will want to learn more about plant-based diet. While exercising is important, nutrition is probably the number one reason why we have so much obesity in our nation.   Not knowing what to eat and difficulty reading labels has led us to be confused about what to eat or not to eat. The good news is you can start learning right now.


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