Chill Pills


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These are absolutely a customer favorite.

It’s never been so easy to feel clean and cool anywhere. This Hypoallergenic wipe expands and unrolls into a cloth with just a small amount of liquid. Composed of 100% pulp fiber with zero additives or wetting agents plus it never dries out, no excess packaging, or minimal waste, and you can discreetly carry anywhere. Not mention that these wipes are lightweight and space savers!

Keep a few in your first-aid kit for easy access.

Men and women alike love these, especially in the warmer months where sweating is inescapable! So easy to drop in your clutch or pocket and hit the town. Moms like the space-saving functionality for diaper bags and business owners love offering to customers after dining or receiving personal care services

To use, pour a bit of water on one pill, unroll, wipe yourself down & enjoy the chill.

Do Not Eat.




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