Body Butter – Whipped Sandalwood Shea


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This superior & exquisitely nourishing formula combines shea butter and cocoa butter to nourishe the skin with vitamins, antioxidants & fatty acids. Layered with oils of Coconut, Avocado, Olive and Vitamin E for optimal, concentrated moisture.

Indulge in a luxurious body treatment created to enhance your senses and enrich your skin. This superior & exquisitely nourishing formula combines shea butter and cocoa butter to nourishe the skin with vitamins, antioxidants & fatty acids. Layered with oils of coconut, avocado, olive and vitamin E for optimal, concentrated moisture. Finished with hand selected essential oils of Australian sandalwood, lemon, amyris, cedarwood and myrrh. With consistency of use, you will notice hydrated, softer, healthier skin, a reduction in stretch marks & scaring with relief from irritations such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, wounds & cracks.

Our Total Moisture – All Herbs Lotion is a lightweight hydrating option that is soothing under our Body Butter for extremely dry skin and can be used alone. Great for warm climates.

Directions: Rub into your skin within 3 minutes of showering or twice daily for best results. For best results, let your skin fully absorb moisturizer for 5-10 minutes before clothing.

Store in cool dry place at room temperature. This natural product will liquify in very warm climates**, bring back to room temperature or continue to use in liquid state


**Melting point about 90°F. Put in refrigerator for 15-30minutes for a quicker return to room temperature.

Weight 0.41 oz

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Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan

36 reviews for Body Butter – Whipped Sandalwood Shea

  1. Alicia B.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This. It?s like my skin is glowing after an application. This is my new lotion. It?s organic so you can use it throughout your body without the stress of worrying is it bad for your sensitive skin. This is a must buy.

  2. Kareena C.

    This hands down has to be my favorite product! This body butter is the business! It leaves me glowing but not greasy and that?s important because who wants their clothes to stick to them, not I! I?m almost afraid to use it all the time because I don?t want it to finish.. but I know I can always get more! 🙂

  3. Michelle T.

    Love the consistency and smell of the body butter!!

  4. Crystal L.

    This is my first time using this product and it will not be my last. The body butter is very light and is very smooth when applying to your body. The Body Butter last all day and makes your skin very soft and moisturized.

  5. Danielle B.

    My daughter has severe eczema that requires topical steroids a few times per month. We?ve totally removed it from our skincare necessity list and replaced it with daily use of the whipped Shea butter!!!

  6. LaCherrie C.


  7. Teeka H

    I GOT TO HAVE IT! This is the beat stuff since I don’t know what. When I tell you, it’s everything, I mean it.

  8. Kathy F

    Don’t even waste your time with the smaller jars. I order the 64oz every 2-3 months and be don’t with it. That’s how much of a quality product this is.

  9. Robin

    Greta moisturizer and smells nice. My first tub was a gift and now I buy it all the time.

  10. Jayelle

    I like the clean ingredients. It’s soft, smells good, conditions and soothes my skin. I use it for any irritations, rashes, bug bites. I just really like it.

  11. Jayvon C.

    I won’t be without this body butter ever.

  12. Nikki

    Great for my entire family. I travel with it in my check in bag and everything. The smell is nice too. Not too strong.

  13. Leah

    If I run out of body butter I feel lost. This smells great and super moisturizing.

  14. Ruth

    I love it. My ankles love it. It’s such a great product.

  15. Katt

    If you aren’t using this butter than you are missing out.

  16. Neesha M.

    What is this buttery goodness. We love it, love it, love it!

  17. Hallie

    Very luxurious and rich and I feel really good about using it. My skin is nice and soft. Very soothing especially in the cold months.

  18. Robyn

    I hide this butter from everyone in the house. Everytime. I don’t care. They can get their own.

  19. Tulah

    Very nice body butter especially for eczema. There’s no chemicals and strong fragrances which is nice because my skin is sensitive.

  20. Nyombi

    I buy the largest tub and it works wonders. I just love it. No stopping of the skin, my eczema is healing nicely.

  21. Jesse

    My skin is in great condition now. It was horrible before. Now it’s soft and I’m confident in showing it off. Thank you.

  22. Vanessa

    Everytime I order the small tub my husband thinks it’s his tub. Get your own tub sir! All in all this butter is great. We love it.

  23. Jodi

    I like that it’s simple. No extra colors and crazy scents that will break me out. That’s great.

  24. Shannon B

    It’s thick and rich. A little can go along way. You think you’re going to be greasy but it soaks in after about 20 minutes.

  25. Betty

    I love this butter but I had to learn how to use it. At first i got dressed too fast and sometimes it would get on my clothes. But then I read the label and followed directions. Now my skin is so we’ll conditioned that I just use at night and use the herbal lotion in the morning.

  26. Danielle

    I bought the large tub and a friend tried to take it as soon as I got it. Had to hide it immediately. That’s how great it is.

  27. Lauren

    I should have been left a review. I’ve been using this butter for a few years. It’s great and my family loves it.

  28. Yasmine

    I purchase from here often and the body butter is always on point.

  29. Alexia

    I use this on my children and their skin is so healthy and soft. My son had eczema but it’s cleared up nicely.

  30. Jill B

    When I don’t have this butter, I feel ashy af. It’s the best thing ever.

  31. Sophie

    This is the best butter. I can never buy store bought lotion again. It’s beneath me.

  32. Jacori

    It’s consistent. Everytime I order, I can expect the same product. I love this butter.

  33. Paris J.

    I use this on my legs when I’m going out. In a short dresss. Gives a nice sheen.

  34. Gina S.

    I got a small jar and I should’ve gotten the big one. I really like it.

  35. Mena B.

    Really good body butter. My only issue is I use it way too fast!

  36. JR L.

    We like it. My girl use it all the time.

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