The very best benefit to handmade soaps are the ingredients. Many of my customers have told me that our soaps have not only improved their skin, but changed their lives by relieving them of itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as eczema. Handmade soaps not only clean and moisturize, their natural oils and butters heal the skin, as well as providing antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.  Most commercial store-bought soap isn’t soap at all. It’s a detergent made out of chemical hardeners, artificial scents, and chemical foaming agents.

Our made handmade soaps are scented with pure organic essential oils, never fragrance oils as that would immediately defeat the purpose of being completely natural. When you use our soaps scented with only essential oils, you not only benefit from the lack of harmful chemicals, but you actually benefit from the therapeutic properties each essential oil offers. Not to mention the smell is amazing!

Dish Soap is not excluded! 
Let’s think about dish soap for a second.  Dish soaps are formulated to remove oil, stuck on grim and grease from dishes to leave them sparkling clean.  Dish soap will also remove the oils from your skin which is why some people choose to wash dishes with gloves on; to protect their skin from becoming, dry, cracked and painful.
Tip: Do a “lazy manicure”. Roll our Grapefruit & Geranium Cuticle Oil across your hands and cuticle areas.  Put your dish gloves on and wash dishes.  Once finished, remove the gloves, push your cuticles back and boom! Instantly great looking nails…I mean you probably should follow up with buffing the nail out, maybe some polish… but you get why this is called the lazy manicure.

Here is Another Way to Use Our Soaps

DIY Liquid Hand Soap
Grate 2oz of your favorite Farmhouse soap and place in a glass bowl. Next add 2c of hot Distilled Water. Let the soap melt into the water. Cover and let cool overnight.  Next morning, check for consistency.  If its too liquid, add more grated soap, if it’s too thick, reheat and add more water (a little at a time). For a smoother consistency, use an immersion blender before pouring into your liquid soap dispensers.  If you don’t want to wait overnight, use immersion blender immediately after adding water/grated soap to youe container &  Done! Quick & easy hand soap.

Optional: Reuse a hand soap dispenser that you already hand.  If you want to be fancy, use a foaming liquid soap dispenser.  Tips: Want to make a larger batch; use 1oz of bar soap for every 1c of water.  Kids love DIY crafts like this, so get them involved!

Just remember the next time you consider mass produced commercial soaps- it may be labeled “natural” and come with all kinds of persuasive advertising claiming all sorts of wonderful benefits, but read the ingredients label for more info.

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