Tips for Preventing Acne Scarring

Maybe you aren’t prone to dark spots or hyperpigmentation but you are prone to acne scars from pimples.  A pimple can get a scab just the same as any other wound on the body.  But they are so noticeable and can be embarrassing- especially on a first date or job interview! But, let’s be clear, scabs are the body’s way of protecting and repairing broken skin cells.  Scabs reduce infections into the wound and allow the skin underneath to heal.  But nothing is perfect and sometime this process doesn’t work as it should.

Below are some ways that you can help speed up the process, Yippy!!
Do your best, not to pick the scab! Something that most of us are probably guilty of.  However, bacteria can get into the wound once picked, which can make the situation even worse.  So just try not to touch the area.

  1. Using a great oil free moisturizer or our advanced acne cream that contains moisturizing properties like Aloe Vera can keep the scab from becoming dry over time while treating the breakout.  If your skin is already inflamed, use a gentler option to reduce breakouts then work on the discoloration later.
  2. Apply a bandage after the area has been cleansed and dried completely.  A bandage may be helpful in the event of cystic acne, if the pimple is very large or has erupted.
  3. Keep the area clean by washing the area once or twice daily and whenever the area gets dirty.  This helps to prevent infection.
  4. Try to reduce inflammation to that area quickly!  Of course we like our very own White Willow & Tea Tree Toner, that’s great for soothing and reducing inflammation.  A few ice cubes can also reduce swelling and pain which aids in preventing scaring.
  5. Applying just a dab of extra sunscreen during a breakout can assist in keeping the skin tone more even than treating the acne while leaving your skin unprotected in the sun.
  6. A fruit enzyme exfoliator such as our Skin Renewal Bilberry AHA Cream will remove dead scarred/darken skin cells and stimulate collagen production.  This will allow for new skin cells to emerge and with that comes improved scarring.

Now that you know some tips and tricks for preventing acne scarring be sure to try these tips out at home.

Be Well!

Until Next Time!

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