Serums, What Are They & How to Use Them

Consider this quick cheat sheet the next time you slather one on. What are Serums? The short answer is that they are efficient blends of potent active ingredients that are made to deliver wonderful goodies deep into the skin for quick results. By goodies, I mean vitamins & antioxidants that smooth fine lines, increase firmness, speed cell turnover, boosting brightness, and correcting discoloration. Yes, they are pricer but let’s not forget about that “blend of potent active ingredients” that I mentioned?… a few drops of serum goes a long way. Less is more most of the time meaning that your pricy serum will last you for a while. In other words, don’t pile it on!

Serums should be applied to your skin in the following order: cleanser, toner, water-based serum, moisturizer, oil-based serum, sunscreen. Here’s why! Water-based serums nourish the inner layer of the skin and should always go under any creams when layering.  Oil-based serums such as Rosehip Restore go on top of water-based moisturizers to help keep the skin moist. Oils form a protective seal to lock in moisture. This lightweight oil will help those with dry and maturing skin. Oil can dilute sunscreens so make sure you’re applying before sunscreen. ​

Let me guide you through some tips to apply your serums correctly. 
First, just know that serums will stick to dirt and dead skin, so for maximum absorption be sure to cleanse your face well before applying. That means you might need to exfoliate with our White Willow Coconut Sugar Scrub. Apply your serums to damp skin. This creates an environment that’s better for penetration into the skin. If you’ve let the skin dry before you made it to the serum…well will need to re-dampen it. Next, if you are applying multiple serums, think of it like layering your clothes in the Winter. You wouldn’t put a sweater under a tank top, right? Great so keep that same energy when layering your oil hydration serum then you antioxidant and vitamin-packed serum. Once applied, skip the massage. We tend to want to massage everything into our skin. Pat or press on your serum then let it absorb on its own. You can mix and match here and if you have two serums that have the same consistency, layer the one with ingredients that you want to penetrate the most, first.

Next, wait for about 5 minutes before applying one of our moisturizers or acne treatments. I know, 5 minutes?! Yes, 5 minutes! Applying moisturizer too early can affect the lessen the penetration of your serum into the skin. But guess what? You can massage your moisturizer right on in. While your serum contains moisturizing ingredients to help the skin retain moisture, using an actual moisturizer will seal that serum in and create, what I like to call, a heal and hydrate barrier.
Ok so what about if you want to spot treat vs. apply to your whole face? You can use your serums to spot treat for specific conditions like treating those dry spots besides your nose vs. giving your entire face a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Always protect your glow. There is nothing like following your skincare regimen then throwing all of that hard out the window by stepping into the Sun without sunscreen.

Be Well!

Until Next Time!

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