Multi-Use Products! DECLUTTER that Makeup Bag.

As any busy lady knows, multitasking efficiently is nearly impossible. To our delight, there are plenty of products with truly unexpected combinations of purposes. Whether you’re traveling across the globe or rushing from desk to a date with Bae, a multitasking skincare buy is the answer to looking polished without an arsenal of products. These functional double – and even triple – duty gems of ours will save you time and debulk your makeup bag without compromising on results.

​Check out 10 of our Farmhouse Organic products that make it possible to do a lot with a little. 

  1. Skin Renewal – Bilberry AHA Cream can be used on the face & body usage for exfoliation, texture improvement & dark spots.  See our blog post that covers this product in more detail.
  2. Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang Cuticle Oil customers carry this cute roller bottle around to use on their hands, cuticles, feet, roll on their scalp as a light hair oil and run across their foreheads as pick-me-up aromatherapy session during mid day.
  3. Our Hair & Body Oils not only smells great and can be use as a hair oil and body moisturizer on its own, don’t forget to pull this fun-sized bottle out when its time to do those full body couples massages!
  4. Face Masks quickly turn into full body mask…order the larger size if you plan to lather on (almost) your entire body.
  5. White Willow Coconut Sugar Scrub doubles as a tasty slightly sweet lip scrub. And guess what…if you happen to get a bit in your mouth, mostly of the ingredients are edible anyway!
  6. White Willow & Tea Tree Toner, going straight from work to happy hour but you need to freshen up? Take this refreshing toner on the go and use as a cleanser on the face and scalp, rub on your kid’s bug bites and rashes.
  7. Carrot & Shea Skin & Eye Cream is usually used on the eye and upper cheek area of the face, however, it can be used on the entire face (especially in the Fall & Winter seasons) and as a great deeply rich moisturizing lip treatment at night.  Just apply as apart of your normal routine once you’ve cleansed your skin and sleep like a baby.
  8. Grapefruit Conditioning Balm, this product is coming soon, just in time for fall! Use this plantbased skin protecting balm on the hair, body and scalp in place of Vaseline or Aquaphor.  Great for those days where you actually need to put a little “grease” on your scalp.  My son uses this balm twice a day on his hair & he loves it!
  9. The Sisal Cloth Sack can gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin while serving as your bar soap storage at the same time. Just squeeze out the excess moisture and hand to dry.
  10. While we can’t turn water into wine, we can tell you how to use your favorite Farmhouse handmade soaps into Liquid Hand Soap.

This list will be updated as we find many functional use our products.

Be Well!

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