How To Create A Steam Shower At Home For Less Than $20!

Let’s get right to it. This method will allow you to take a steam shower anytime you want without additional costs!

  1. Purchase a Medium Duty Tarp from your local hardware store.  I use the 10ft x 12ft size.
  2. Take this tarp home, unwrap and toss the tarp over top of the shower enclosing the top of the shower (the space between your shower rod and the ceiling.  You want the tarp to hang over the side of the shower rod and over top of the shower head.
  3. Turn the water on hot enough to create steam and get in. Boom! Now you’re steaming baby! Put on your favorite playlist and hop in.
  4. Now that you are in the steam, what do you do? Enjoy!  If you are feeling extra fancy, go ahead and exfoliate with one of our body scrubs, or throw in a shower fizz for aromatherapy benefits.
  5. REPEAT!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t tell you some of the benefits! 
Not only is it just super relaxing its a mood booster, steaming reduces stress by helping the body release endorphins (feel good hormones) and reduce cortisol (stress response hormones). The cardiovascular system benefits from this technique by improving circulation which helps the blood transport oxygen around the body a bit easier.  Steaming can also reduce blood pressure and repair broken skin tissue caused by wounds.

Germany study discovered human sweat contains a natural germ-killing protein called dermcidin, which can protect again strains of germs that cause diseases like MRSA and tuberculosis. And you will most definitely sweat; opening pores and releasing toxic compounds trapped beneath the skin (dirt, makeup, pollutants).  A 2012 study found that sweating plays an important role in  expelling heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic from the body because they dissolve readily in water. Can we say three for one. Winning!

Slept on a bed of rocks?…ok maybe not rocks, but we have all experienced the stiffness that comes with “sleeping the wrong way” and steaming will help loosen up those stiff joints.  Feeling the aftermath of that Crossfit workout or that speed walking session? Steaming after a workout will help to sooth those nerve endings and relax your muscles.    Not to mention opening up those sinuses when dealing with a cold or stuffy nose all while adding hydration to the hair and skin.  Basically a steam shower is like a one-stop shop!

Always remember to keep the body well hydrated for at least 3 days before you take a steam shower.  Slather a generous amount of Total Moisture Lotion or Body Butter on to lock in that moisture and drink a few cups of water after you finish.  It can become very hot in your shower, please use caution and common sense.  If too much steam is in the shower, open the shower door or curtain to release it.  Steaming is something to be done occasionally, not daily.  Let your tarp dry or wipe down with a towel, fold and store for later.  When in doubt, always check with your medical provider before you engage in steaming.

Be Well!

​Until Next Time!

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