Herbal Suppositories, Yoni Pearls, Vaginal Steams!

Herbal Suppositories Yoni Pearls Vaginal Steams

With so many options available these days, get a better idea of each, so you can make better choices...

The tissue in our inner cheeks resembles that of the inside of the vagina.  Could you imagine, carrying a yoni pearl in your cheek for a full 24hours without injury, soreness, or scratches to your cheek? Maybe even some bleeding? YIKES!

Herbal Suppositories
An herbal vaginal suppository is a composition made of active herbal ingredients set in a base of skin-safe organic plant-based oils and butters.  They are stored in the freezer; applying a suppository on the irritated area, relieves irritation.  The freezer? really…yes, I know that this sounds weird, but here’s the deal, the freezer is cold and cool temperatures on inflammation can be soothing. 

Most active ingredients of mass produced suppositories are set in polyethylene glycol polymer or glycerinated gelatin.  Those bases allow for the suppository to be kept at room temperature, but it doesn’t come without pitfalls. First, ask yourself, what are polymers? Polyethylene glycol polymer does not melt at body temperature, which means the active ingredients of polymer base suppositories have a prolonged release. Let’s face it, you want a suppository that works quickly when you are steeped in discomfort!  Waiting on relief is like adding salt to a wound, next!  Gelatin, a base made with animal byproducts and that’s just not what we want in our product.  I mean, do you really want pork and horse bones in your vagina?

Polymers and gelatin are the standards, but honestly, I don’t like them.  When I decided to offer these Herbal Suppositories, it was with research, intention, and in small batches- so that they are freshly made.  I decided to keep all of the active ingredients without the fluff by using organic & raw cocoa butter or coconut oil bases.  Cocoa butter is used as a suppository base because it fulfills the requirements of an ideal base as it doesn’t melt quickly and coconut oil is scientifically proven to alleviate yeast overgrowth. This might explain why our suppositories are always sold out! If you want to know more about our Herbal Suppository ingredients or why they work, read our other blog posts or even reach out with questions!  We are here to help.

Herbal Suppositories VS. Yoni Pearls
Yoni Pearls are tiny bags of mostly dried loose-leaf herbs wrapped in cloth mesh and commonly advertised as a vaginal detox or cleanse. They are inserted into the vagina for an extended period then removed; especially before engaging in sexual activity.  
There are many risks with the pearls, here are a few…everyone is selling yoni pearls and sometimes you aren’t aware of ALL of the ingredients.  Are they transparent with how their herbs are sourced, grown, harvested, and packed?  Are the herbs contaminated with pesticides? Yoni pearls can cause discharge, itchiness, mild cramping, and odor.  The tissue in our inner cheeks resembles that of the inside of the vagina.  Could you imagine, carrying a yoni pearl in your cheek for a full 24hours without injury, soreness, or scratches to your cheek?  These are just a few of the questions that you should ask before purchasing yoni pearls from a vendor or even purchasing yoni pearls at all.  

The contents and mesh cloth can scratch or injure the inside of the vagina walls, damaging the mucosa and microflora, therefore, causing inflammation.  That discharge and clumps of matter that some women experience and post all over social media from the use of a yoni pearl is inflamed cells, dead bacteria and mucus caused by the pearl, not a vaginal cleanse!

Farmhouse’s Herbal Suppositories do not contain dried loose-leaf herbs, they melt with body temperature and are meant to be gentle on the tissues. Intentionally made to induce comfort quickly, soothe the skin, align vaginal pH and balance.  I do not make claims as a vaginal cleanse or detox because I truly believe and know wholeheartedly that detox and cleansing are holistically obtainable through diet, harmonizing wellness, and lifestyle changes.  If achieving that harmony is something that you struggle with, come chat with me and get some guidance.

What about Vaginal Steaming?

Steaming is an ancient remedy used by shamans, medicine men, midwives, and healers in spiritual practice. In this practice, a careful and intentional mix of herbs is set to very hot water, in which the woman will squat over, at a safe distance, and allow the steam to meet the vagina. This spiritual ritual is done for many reasons and allows for the woman to reconnect with her body & womb.  It’s a powerful way for the woman’s vagina to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.  

Vaginal Steaming is traditionally practiced in Africa, Asia, and Central America and although this practice is considered an alternative treatment in the U.S., it has made its way into the spotlight as a trend.   Other names include Female Ritual Steaming and Vaginal Smoking.  If you want to participate in vaginal steaming, I suggest that you contact a spa that offers that service until you feel comfortable recreating the experience in the privacy of your own space.

Best Practices for Using Our Herbal Suppositories
For female use and best results, insert at night when supine, so that in case the suppositories melt faster than they are absorbed by the vagina, the melting suppository will flow toward the cervix.  Here are some suggestions of other beneficial uses of our Herbal Suppositories while they are melted:
  • applied directly to the genitals of males, who are sexual partners of women with vaginal infections, rinsing after 20 minutes;
  • on the scalp to ease dandruff;
  • get creative; the ingredients listed are just that, so use these however you like.
There you have it, all three summed up in a nutshell! 
Until Next Time
Be Well!

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