Food & Maintaining Wellness

A healthy lifestyle involves a lot of activities. Some of those activities include: Eating a nutrient-rich diet, practicing daily exercise, using products with clean ingredients. Let’s start with food. Are you struggling to improve your health status or keep your body in good shape? Healthy eating is a vital and most important thing that every person should pay attention to, especially in these uncertain times. It can really help you take charge of your health.
Many people observe nutrition strictly in kids and not as an adult. Actually, healthy eating continues way into your adult years to keep your mind sharp, physique in shape, and internal systems running ideally. You need to eat food with the right nutrients. People out there can obtain nutritional energy from whole foods and get the needed building material to help them grow and repair their bodies.
Here are some tips on healthy eating. 
Try Organic
When possible, work organic products & whole food ingredients into your diet. Research shows that plant-based foods, grown organically, have antioxidants with essential nutrients, especially. On the go? In today’s market, many companies are offering alternative packaged foods that are free from chemicals and other harmful substances.  Organic foodsoften have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts, and fewer pesticides. Those with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives may find that their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat more or only organic foods.
You don’t have to be Vegan
Veganism is a lifestyle, in which people choose to exclude all forms of animal foods, products, and by-products. That includes animal cruelty or exploitation, whether in clothing, food, or anything else. Therefore, the vegan diet involves devoid of animal products that include eggs, dairy, and meat. You don’t have to vegan. Start where you are. I like to call that flexitarianism (probably just made that word up). Basically, just be open to including more fresh whole food ingredients in your diet. Drink a smoothie or even a green juice. Even something as simple as herbal tea is beneficial.
Green juice, what’s the hype?  
Don’t, like to eat your vegetables? Drink them! Not only does Green Juice count toward the daily vegetable count that you should eat anyway, it drenches your body with plant nutrients and chlorophyll. Can someone say “liquid sunshine”! Chlorophyll is believed to strengthen your immune system, help control inflammation, increase red blood cell production, and help enhance your cells’ ability to carry oxygen.
Take in low cholesterol food
The foods you consume should be low in fats, salt, and cholesterol. Before you purchase at your favorite grocer, check the labels to know which ones can compromise your health with high concentrations of ingredients that your body doesn’t need.
Control food portions
Easier said than done, right? Especially since we have all been in the house most of this year. I know, I know! But, eating healthy means that you also have to watch food portions. Try eating smaller portions of protein or fiber-rich meals that will satisfy your hunger without overeating. Portion control with healthy snacks in between meals can also help with weight control.
Think of it this way, “We are what we eat.” We have to be more conscious of how important nutrition is in our lives. Understand that the most crucial thing you can do going into 2021 is to make your nutrition a priority.

Be Well!

Until next time!

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