Fall Is Here, 8 Skincare Tips You Need To Know!

Looking around, we can’t help but notice the sugar, spice & everything nice, Fall is here!  Now that Summer has come to an end and the season has shifted, temperature and humidity will drop quickly and your skin might have to work harder to maintain adequate hydration.   Because fall can bring sporadic weather patterns – warm temperatures followed by cool, windy days – our skin is thirsting for moisture and hydration that gives it back it’s healthy glow.  With the right skincare routine and the tips below, you can confidently battle the elements of rain, dryness, coldness, & wind!

  1. Sooth your skin immediately by applying moisturizer after a shower, spa or exfoliation treatments.
  2. Your face is not the only part of the body that needs extra hydration, Moisturize your face & body both in the morning & night.  If you find that your Summer moisturizer is too lightweight, opt for something thicker and richer.
  3. Pull out and plug up that humidifier that you’ve been storing all summer. Humidifiers mist water vapors into the air allowing the skin to regain some moisture.
  4. Avoid harsh body bars and continue to apply sunscreen even if the Sun is barely peeking through the clouds.
  5. Lips can quickly become victim to the Fall Weather, apply moisturizing lip balm before heading out and at night.
  6. Keep the sensitive skin around your eyes hydrated and moisturized.
  7. Exfoliate regularly, it will bring your skin back to life and remove dead cells. However, if you find that your skin is becoming too dry or irritated, scale back on your exfoliation and focus more on hydration and moisture.  Think of this as a balancing act.
  8. Lastly, it’s always important to keep the skin radiant from the inside out.  That means keeping a healthy diet and adequate water intake.

As always hopefully, these quick tips have been helpful to you.

Be Well!

​Until Next Time!

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