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Often times I’m asked, what is the difference between your Daisy Blossoom Brighten Serum and Skin Renewal Bilberry AHA Cream? Here’s a quick run down.

Our Brighten Serum increases the radiance and glow of the skin. This blend works over a longer period of time. It delivers deep into the skin tissues working to block new dark spots and increase cell turnover so that the darker-stained uppermost layers of the skin can exfoliate away, revealing brighter, healthier, youthful & even skin tone. The serum is lighter & thin which is good for oil-prone skin and can work with a combination of products (layering) because it’s not heavy. Those looking to brighten their overall dull complexion will find that our serum will do the trick. Brightening is about bringing vibrancy to the skin, not bleaching or lightening/whiting your complexion.

The video is showing REAL customer results within 2 weeks of using the Skin Renewal Bilberry AHA Cream is an exfoliatant and works very quickly such that results can be noticed after a few uses.  Don’t worry, the AHA is plantbased fruit enzyme! It goes to work beneath the surface to increase collagen and elastin synthesis. The results are improvements in the overall texture, firmness, and elasticity of skin while also increasing the speed at which the top layer of skin cells is pushed off to reveal the fresh new cells below. Pushing off those top layers, will decrease the dark spot(s).
Another perk is that wonderful blend can be used as a dark spot corrector on the skin and face; except the hands, underarms and bikini areas. The Skin Renewal Bilberry AHA Cream is definitely for nighttime use because it’s not meant to layer under makeup and can really be used alone or under one of our Skin and Eye Creams, Lotions or Whipped Body Butter.  Customers have often mentioned using this product on their legs, arms, chest and back to lighten dark areas resulting from burns, eczema and other skin conditions.

By including one of our fruit emzyme-based exfoliants as apart of your skincare routine, you’ll notice that  products penetrate and go to work faster than if you were to apply on top of dead skin cells that need removal. Just think about applying makeup day over day without washing your face. Gross, right?  Products are more effective when they can penetrate the skin and sometimes you need to give the skin that extra push by exfoliating. This process keeps skin clean and smooth, helps prevent pore clogging, and reduces acne breakouts.

Overall, both the Brighten Serum and Skin Renewal Cream are excellent choices in treating dark spots & dull completions. My suggestion is that if you are in desperate need of dark spot removal the Skin Renewal Cream will yield noticeable results the quickest in about two weeks. Once you have achieved the desired level of dark spot removal, maintain with the Brighten Serum. If your skin is already flawless and you want to apply extra slayage, or you are in no rush, just skip to the serum.

Anyone with uneven tone or brown spots can benefit, but it’s essential to use sun protective measures as well. You can undo the damage with our products mentioned above but then you are fighting an uphill battle if you don’t protection your skin from whatever is triggering the pigment production in the first place (the sun, acne, etc). That’s why it’s so essential to wear sunscreen and make sure you’re working to treat the cause of the issue.  Check out our products for acne & breakouts or dry/maturing skin.

No matter what product you use to achieve a brighter complexion and ease dark spots, pay attention to its list of ingredients. This is a better indicator of what the product is likely to do for your skin. Ingredients like hydroquinone and ammoniated mercury commonly found in lightening products have been shown to harm the skin with prolonged use.

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