Can We Talk About Organic Shampoo & Conditioner?

Everyone is ready to make their way to natural hair care products for many reasons- saving the environment, less drying on the hair, allergies!  Whatever your reason, let’s just talk about these products for a few minutes so you can be better informed and not so confused!

What does “natural shampoo” mean? It means that the cleansing ingredients used in the shampoo are gentle on the hair, scalp & skin.  Most natural shampoos will not become as foamy as you are used to and you might be a little confused- but fewer suds are intentional, so leave your worries behind. The truth is the amount of suds doesn’t impact organic shampoo’s ability to clean your locks.  A natural conditioner is one that relies on vegetable oils, vitamins, and other conditioning ingredients to replenish hair from the inside out.  These attributes are important because commercial synthetic shampoos/conditioners are more likely to expose the hair and the skin to harsh chemical ingredients that can potentially have harmful long-term effects, including skin irritation, dryness, a reduction in the size or deterioration of the hair follicles, premature graying, and even hair loss. Natural & organic versions can be used confidently without these side-effects because they provide the hair with many benefits that commercial hair care products cannot compete with.

  1. Improve Hair Growth – natural products allow for nourishing ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft.  Harsh chemical ingredients found in commercial products can increase your risk for weaker hair, hair loss, smaller follicle sizes irritated oil glands and dry scalp.
  2. Environmentally Friendly – when you are enjoying the relaxing routine of washing and conditioning, the impact on the environment probably does not cross your mind.  When ingredients present in commercial hair care products like silicone and sulfate go down your drain and get back to nature, they can linger and cause environmental damage.
  3. Helps Maintain Hair Color- all hair color is not equal so keep that in mind.  Some are meant to be temporary, others more long-lasting.  Whatever the case, sulfates shampoos can effectively to get rid of dirt and grime, but they are also well-known to damage and wash away the hair cuticle, especially when used long-term. This also washes away your hair color.
  4. Prevent Hair From Drying Out-  commercial products include sulfates that work to eliminate the natural oils in your hair, silicone then takes the place of the hair’s natural oils. That is the reason why your hair has a glossy, synthetic appeal. Eventually, the silicone build-up can block the natural oils and moisture from evenly spreading all across the hair shaft.  Eventually, you might experience dryness and even breakage.
  5. Save Time & Money – using commercial products may end up costing you more in the long run. People with color-treated hair or who suffer hair loss and dryness end up spending a lot because they still have to purchase special products to solve their problems.
  6. Aid in Manageability– natural products are made to soften and moisturize your strands and an organic option is no exception to that rule. Taking the time to give your hair some much-needed moisture will make your styling routine that much easier.
  7. Lessen Chemical Exposure– who wants to be repetitively exposed throughout their lives to low doses of chemicals contained in our everyday care products?   Natural products are not only are safer for you, they are way better than commercial and more budget-friendly. Not only do they work to fight different hair problems, but they also improve your hair condition without requiring you to spend more dollars on special products.

Tips: If you are skipping the conditioner, add it back to your routine. Throw in a Deep conditioning every so often…such as when you return from a sunny vacation and the saltwater from the beach still laces your tresses or after trucking through the windy Winter weather on your morning commute.  My rule of thumb is to deep condition anytime my hair has been exposed to environmental changes.  Even on Saturdays when I’ve simply sat in the park all day in 95degree weather for my son’s football game and my hair has become sweaty & dry, I cowash in place of shampoo because doing so gives me the cleansing that I deserve with the moisture my hair needs.

The bottom line is that over time, your shampoo & conditioner should nourish the hair, which is part of the reason that you should be using natural & organic hair care products. Every shampoo and conditioner out on the market today claim to work for a specific hair type. They also claim to help with many hair issues, such as frizz and dandruff. Sad to say, many are still unsatisfied with the results they’re seeing. We all react differently to the chemicals in hair care products and some of those symptoms that you might experience such as dry scalp/hair, frizz, breakage can be caused by your shampoo & conditioner. Yikes!  Our skin is permeable and can easily absorb containments as well as high nutrient ingredients.  Look for products with safe & healthy natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Check out our list of ingredients here.

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