Farmhouse is a luxury boutique wellness company with a proprietary product line of organic & plant-based ingredients. As part of our Mission & exclusivity, we specialize in Total Body Wellness with custom & made to order holistic herbal wellness products and supporting service in the form of Family & Wellness Coaching.

Get Family Flow
Toni is a Certified Life Coach, take advantage of her knowledge and learn how to operate from a place of love and peace by taking one of our Family Flow classes or connect in in fellowship with our text community by texting ‘wellness’ to 855-522-0697.

Holistic Family & Wellness Coaching
Our coaching & consulting services are an extension of our mission to provide Total Body Wellness, supporting you on various levels of necessity.  Because, most times, it’s not just about the outer beauty. Invest in yourself, take the opportunity to sit down in a relaxed and supportive environment and have an in-depth conversation about your concerns. Herbalism is a holistic practice, we’ll discuss what shifts can be made in your life and identify where limitations are in terms of what might be holding you back.

Our Skincare
Instead of letting supersized beauty products line your cabinet, drawer, or shower for months, our products are sized right, with the benefit being: No harsh preservatives to increase shelf life.  We believe in quality over quantity.

Our Philosophy
At Farmhouse, we intentionally seek globally but sustainably sourced, high-quality, 100% organic, non-gmo, cold-pressed raw ingredients. All products are safe for Vegans unless containing honey or beeswax. Our products are locally made in Atlanta, GA. Our plastic packaging is BPA-free, recyclable or reusable. Each product is developed with plant and food-based natural & organic ingredients as well as botanical extracts & pure essential oils.

Our Intuition
Intuitively we know that nature is good for us as humans. Our line of holistic and organic skin care & wellness products are inspired by the autonomy of nature. Not only do we aspire to be healthy for our bodies, but also healthy for the earth as well. Through using our products & services, we hope to help you reconnect to nature & yourself, as it’s fundamentally important for our health, well being and happiness.

Be Well!
Toni Rene



Total Body Wellness. We support healing through holistic modalities by implementing short-term control and long-term tonification and restoration to effectively enhance your well-being naturally.

Farmhouse Organic About Us

Meet the Owner

How It Started
As a human, I understand that we all need additional support in a form other than retail therapy. Wellness is a lifestyle, not a fade! As a Certified Life Coach, Certified Loctician, Herbalist, & Homeschooling Expert, I have over 18 years of knowledge, wisdom, and experience, along with a network of people willing & ready to support you.

Back Story
I was a busy mom living in a booming city, I became frustrated by the ingredients in the products that I brought into my home. They were making us sick! Out of necessity, I began to make my skincare products & herbal remedies with holistic and certified organic ingredients 14 years ago.

Back then, a recent graduated with my MBA, I was steadily climbing the ladder in my 12-year progressive & professional career as an Accountant. I had a nanny and traveled for work. But something was missing…my family was growing & needed a break from that wear and tear, it was exhausting. Expecting our 5th child, I quit my corporate job and opted for healing with a new mindset & lifestyle changes.

With a lifelong natural passion for herbal knowledge, products, and holistic plant remedies, I transitioned full-time into the Wellness Industry & built a viable business through word of mouth and client referrals.

I present the same to you with products & services that promote Total Body Wellness.  
Come take this journey with me!
Be Well,
Toni Rene